• — On-site user experiences
  • — Remote frontend development team
  • — Collaborative UX design
  • — Real-time user interactions
  • — Designing design systems
  • — Multilingual design considerations


  • Wordpress Developer at BCO
  • Frontend Engineer at Artapuri
  • Frontend Engineer at Pillow

I'm an experienced WordPress developer dedicated to crafting engaging online experiences. I've been instrumental in building and managing, a dynamic platform focused on delivering news and updates about Cilegon in Banten. My expertise lies in creating user-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation, enhancing the digital journey for our audience.

As a junior frontend developer at Artapuri, I specialize in creating user-friendly online solutions. I've worked on a website for social media management, ensuring it's intuitive and effective for users to enhance their online presence. My focus on seamless user experiences drives me to continuously optimize the website for simplicity in navigating social media complexities.

With 2 years of experience as a frontend engineer, I've developed intuitive interfaces and seamless experiences for property managers and tourists. Collaborating on feature-rich apps, I simplify property management and boost tourism. My role sharpens my skills and deepens my understanding of tech in tourism and travel, driving impactful solutions.